Welcome to my website

This is where I display some of my artwork and ongoing creative projects. I have enjoyed doing artwork of all kinds since I was a child. I have not yet had any formal art training; all of my creations are products of my imagination and many hours spent perfecting my techniques. The artwork shown on this site has either been scanned from my personal collection or constructed on the computer.

My experimentation with digital art began in 1994, helping a non-profit by creating logos and article graphics. Learning Corel Draw, a vector type program with clipart and shape tools, seemed simple compared to learning Adobe Photoshop, which works with raster files like bitmaps and jpeg images. With the advent of digital media, many new and exciting doors opened for me in image development. Software programs like Photoshop and Fireworks have made construction of visual ideas much faster and easier then past traditional types of media. Most of my creative energy is devoted to sketching and doing digital media for non-profit and paid individuals and organizations. I hope to continue to express myself through as many mediums as possible.

I hope you enjoy the artwork and layout, all of which was done after work and on weekends. Working full time limits the time that I have to do art and be creative, so having this site is a great way to share and keep the spirit alive!

I appreciate all that keep coming back to see if there are more posted art...I will keep doing my best to scan and upload more. If you have any comments or questions, I appreciate messages directed to my e-mail: robert@robertcoghill.com